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Please note: Scuba-diving excursion – 10 places available




This excursion departs from Los Canarios (Fuencaliente), the southernmost town on the island and also its highest, passing by two of the Canary Islands’ youngest craters; the San Antonio volcano (1677) and the Teneguía volcano (1971). Our route follows the lava flows of both volcanoes while we descend towards the coast, marvelling at how plants such as the Echium brevirame have adapted to such harsh condition. Our descent finishes on the coast next to the Fuencaliente lighthouse, built at the beginning of the 20th century, and the Fuencaliente salt pans, declared a Site of Scientific Interest due to the different species of waders that inhabit the area. We then head to the Malpique beach for the dive, taking in an unforgettable sight along the way: 40 crosses erected in memory of the Martyrs of Tazacorte who were killed on the site. A cross was raised for each of the missionaries tortured and killed by pirates while stopping over on La Palma during their journey to Brazil.

Approximate duration: Approximately 5 hours (3-hour hike + 2-hour dive at Cruces de Fuencaliente)

Start point: San Antonio volcano (650 m.a.s.l.)

Distance: 8.6 kilometres in total

End point: Fuencaliente lighthouse (5 m.a.s.l.) Cruces de Fuencaliente dive



For the safety of the hiker and for the correct development of the route, it is recommended to carry the following items: water, Cap or similar, comfortable footwear, solar shield, something to eat (nuts, fruit, snacks, chocolate,…), something coat (because by the means whereby we are going to walk, it is possible to do cold or even that you drizzle), clothes of beach and mobile phone.

Due to the special characteristics of this route, you can only join the same elderly people, as well as a maximum of 10 hikers.

The user of this activity must make case inevitably to the staff of the Organization, since it’s an activity where participant safety is fundamental to the realization of the same, therefore guides them diving specialists may decide, should thus consider it timely for the correct operation of the activity, suspend it for weather reasons or prevent the participation of any route that does not comply with the minimum security standards required for the realization of activity as the one that concerns us.

Do not leave the trail due to the fragility of the land.