Volcanoes Under the Stars


This is a different way to walk between the volcanoes: only guided by the light of the stars on the emblematic GR131, the Volcano Route.

During the first part of the walk, we will enjoy the sunset that brings us all the colours of the twilight and announces the night to come.

In Las Deseadas we will have a workshop of astronomy that centres around observation with the naked eye and/or binoculars and some explanation about star-photography.

We will continue our walk guided by the Milky Way and fix our gaze to stars like Fomalhaut and southern constellations like The Sculptor, The Crane (Grus) and Indus.


Approximate duration: 7 hours

Departure point: Refugio de El Pilar (1456 m)

Distance: 18 km

Arrival point: Fuente  de Los Roques (1100 m)


  • It is very important to bring a flashlight or headlight.
  • For the security of the participant and the good course of the route, it is recommended to bring following items: drinkable water, headwear, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, something to eat (dry fruits, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate, …), something of warm clothing (the weather might get cold and/or wet) and a mobile phone.

Do not leave the track, the terrain can be unstable.