Volcanoes of Tamanca (Visit to Wine Museum)
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This hike covers a section of the GR-130 or “Royal Coastal Footpath”, and it starts in the Protected Landscape of Tamanca, a zone which, after passing the Sotomayor pine-forest, becomes increasingly arid due to the presence of lavas from the historic eruptions of the Jedey (1585) and the El Charco (1712) volcanoes. Next, the village of Jedey is reached, where the main LP 1 road is crossed, and the route continues towards San Nicolás, finishing in the ever-picturesque square of La Glorieta, located in Las Manchas, and created by the local artist Luis Morera.


Approximate duration: about 4h 30 min


Departure point: El Charco hostel (Fuencaliente) (780 metres a.s.l.)


Distance: 9 kilometres


Arrival point: La Glorieta Square in Las Manchas (615 metres a.s.l.)




Carry water. Wear a hat, Use sun-block. Wear comfortable footwear. Carry something to eat (dried fruits, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate… because lunch will be along the way). Carry a water-proof jacket and take your mobile phone.