Volcanoes Beneath the Stars (Night Route)
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This hike covers the last section of the “Volcano Route”, passing next to two of the most recent craters in the Canaries, the San Antonio volcano (1677), and the Teneguía volcano (1971). The route begins while the sun is setting, with explanations from the modern solstice and equinox position marker located at the Astronomical Viewpoint of the San Antonio volcano. It continues by starlight to the Faro de Fuencaliente lighthouse. Once there, astronomical observations will be carried out, with the naked eye and using telescopes.

Approximate duration: about 4 hours 30 minutes

Departure point: San Antonio Volcano (650 metres a.s.l.)

Distance: 8.6 kilometres

Arrival point: Faro de Fuencaliente (5 metres a.s.l.)



Carry water. Bring a torch or headlamp. Wear comfortable footwear. Carry some food (dried fruits, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate,…). Bring some warm clothing (it can be cold in the area, or even drizzle). Carry a mobile phone.

Since it is a night route and the location of it, the warm clothes is fundamental to withstand low night temperatures of this area of our island.

Do not leave the path, because of the loose terrain.