Underground Path


The route begins by crossing the impressive open spaces of Llanos del Jable (also known as “Llanos de Las Brujas”, the Plains of the Witches), and then descends along paths running parallel to the lava-flow of the San Juan Volcano (1949). Strange, capricious forms created by the God Vulcan adorn our way. Various volcanic tubes will be visited, known locally as “fire pipes”, building a complicated network of underground pathways. The route will finish with a visit to the Volcanic Tube of Todoque, a Unesco site of natural interest, and a Natural Monument within the Canary Island Network of Protected Natural Areas. With its length of over 500 metres, we will experience being in the bowels of the Earth.

Note: Work is presently in progress at the Volcanic Tube of Todoque; if we are unable to access this tube, the Cueva del Vidrio, which has similar geomorphological characteristics, will be visited instead.


Approximate duration: about 7 hours


Departure point: Llano del Jable (1,300 metres a.s.l.)


Arrival point: Volcanic tube of Todoque (580 metres a.s.l.)


Distance: 9 kilometres




Bring water, a headlamp, some food (dried fruits, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate,…) and wear comfortable footwear. Carry a waterproof jacket, warm clothing and a mobile phone.