The Water Route



This is one of the most frequented routes on the island of La Palma. The spectacular scenery, the thrills of the tunnels, the sight of the water gushing from the springs, as well as the incomparable surroundings through which the hike advances, are the main highlights of this fine route. Water is the most visible element on this hike, and it is this water which has played a key role in the course of the area’s history.


The route begins at Casa del Monte (1,340 metres above sea level), which can only be reached by 4-wheel drive vehicles due to the condition of the track linking this location with the town of Los Sauces. From this point, the path runs parallel to the water canal, so that the height difference to be tackled is minimal until the Naciente de Marcos spring (1,350m) is reached, after traversing a series of tunnels excavated in the steep sides of the Barranco del Agua ravine, thirteen altogether.


A short slope must be climbed and another tunnel traversed to reach the Naciente de Cordero spring (1,400m), where the descent begins towards our destination, the forest of Los Tiles, about eight kilometres away in the bottom of the ravine, and involving a considerable drop in altitude of 1,000m.


Approximate duration: about 5 hours


Departure point: Casa del Monte (1,340metres  a.s.l.)


Distance: 14.5 kilometres


Arrival point: Los Tiles forest (460metres  a.s.l.)




It is essential to carry a torch to pass through the 13 tunnels, and waterproof clothing to traverse tunnel number 12.

On the section of path running between Casa del Monte and the Naciente de Marcos spring, great care must be taken on certain exposed passages, although there are handrails at the most dangerous points on the route.

It is advisable to avoid doing this route during rainy periods.