The Sun & Salt Route



This hike covers the last section of the “Volcano Route”, visiting two of the youngest volcanoes on the Canaries, the San Antonio volcano (1677) and the Teneguía (1971).  Along the way, spectacular lunar landscapes will be admired, in which not only the geological formation of the area, but also that of the rest of the planet will be discussed, establishing comparisons, moreover, with other objects in the Solar System.

The route finishes with a visit to the salt-pans of Fuencaliente, where the process of Salt formation by the energy of the Sun is explained. At the same time, astronomical workshops and activities will take place, such as the tracking of the Sun’s shadow and the observation of its surface, using safe methods, enabling protuberances and sun spots to be appreciated.


Approximate duration:  about 4h 30min


Departure point: San Antonio volcano (650 metres a.s.l.)


Distance: 8.6 kilometres


Arrival point: Fuencaliente lighthouse (5 metres a.s.l.)


Recommendations: Carry water as no springs are found along the way. Use sun-block (exposure to the sun is fairly high). Wear a hat and comfortable footwear. Carry something to eat (dried fruits, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate…). Carry a waterproof coat or warm clothing.  Take your mobile phone.