The Holy Sprint (Visit to a Termal Sprint)
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This route is part of the urban centre of Los Canarios (Fuencaliente) of the municipality most south of the island and goes by two of the most recent craters of the Canary Islands, the Volcán San Antonio which erupted in 1677 and the Volcán Teneguía which erupted in 1971. We will walk through the remnants of volcanoes, descending to the coast and appreciating how various botanical species like the Echium brevirame have adapted to the tough conditions. We will arrive at the coast next to the Fuencaliente Lighthouse, built at the start of the 20th century, and the Salinas de Fuencaliente, a Space of Scientific Interest because of its various species of wading birds. To conclude we will head for the Playa de Echintive, where we will visit de Fuente Santa. This place was a pilgrimage during the 17th century because of its thermal spring, which was attributed with healing properties for skin diseases but was buried by the eruption of the Volcán San Antonio in 1677. In 2005, however, it has been recuperated.


Approximate duration: 5 hours: route (3 hours) + visit to the Fuente Santa (2 hours)


Departure point: Volcán de San Antonio (Fuencaliente) (650m)


Distance: 8,6 kilometres


Arrival point: Fuente Santa (Fuencaliente) (5m)




  • For the security of the participant and the good course of the route, it is recommended to bring following items: drinkable water, headwear, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, something to eat (dry fruits, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate, …), something of warm clothing (the weather might get cold and/or wet) and a mobile phone.

Do not leave the track, the terrain can be unstable.