The Holy Fountain (Visit to a Termal Fountain)
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The route starts from the town of Los Canarios (Fuencaliente) in the municipality wich is located more to the South of the island, passing two of the younger craters of the Canary Islands, the San Antonio volcano (year of eruption 1677) and the Teneguía volcano (year of 1971 eruption). We walk between both volcanoes washes while we descend towards the coast appreciating as several botanical species such as the Echium brevirame, have adapted to such harsh climatic and soil conditions. We will end up on the coast next to the Fuencaliente lighthouse, built at the beginning of the 20th century and the Salinas de Fuencaliente, place declared a site of scientific interest since they are inhabited by several species of waders. Finally, we will go to Echentive beach where we will visit the Holy Fountain, place of pilgrimage in the 17TH century as a fountain of thermal waters that is attributed to the curative in skin diseases and was buried by the lava of the San Antonio volcano in the year 1677, being recovered in 2005.

Approximate duration: 5 hours: travel walking (3 hours) visit to the fountain Santa (2 hours).


Starting point: San Antonio Volcano (Fuencaliente) (650 m).


Distance: 8.6 km.


Point of arrival: Holy Fountain (Fuencaliente) (5 m).




  • For the safety of the hiker and for the correct development of the route, it is recommended to carry the following items: water, Cap or similar, comfortable footwear, solar shield, something to eat (nuts, fruit, snacks, chocolate,…), something coat (because by the means whereby we are going to walk, it is possible to do cold or even that you drizzle), clothes of beach and mobile phone.
  • Do not leave the trail due to the fragility of the land.