«The dead to the hole: Chronicle of events» Route (night)
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Covers the historic and artistic points, focusing on the most famous tragic events in Santa Cruz de La Palma (abductions, murders to pistol and sword, poisonings, administrative lawsuits that came up to the Supreme Council of Castile, pirate attacks, weddings by obligation, prostitution…) and the characters of this other story about the marginal life. Developed at night, which contributes to a better atmosphere, through the streets O’Daly, Blas Simon, Plaza de España, Pérez de Brito, Plaza Vandale, Garachico, avenida Maritima, Baltasar Martin, San Francisco, Plaza de la Alameda and Castillete.With some exceptions based on legendary stories, events counted on this route are solidly documented through various written sources : from municipal records to court records, passing Ordinances, news media and Chronicles, which further increases their social value. Specially designed for all audiences, “the dead to the hole: Chronicle of events» is a path to the past of crime in Santa Cruz de La Palma, in a broad time span ranging from the sixteenth century to the 19th.

Approximate duration: 3 hours.

Starting point: Casa de Correos, Plaza del Muelle.

Distancia: 1.5 km.

Arrival point: Royal Castle of Santa Catalina, Castillete street.



There aren´t difficulty, because it is a route in plain in urban area, except some unevenness of little importance (in Garachico and Baltasar Martin). Suitable for people with reduced mobility.