Route “Death to the Grave: A Record of Events” (At Night)
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This route through the historical centre focusses on the most infamous events that happened in Santa Cruz de La Palma (kidnappings, assassination with swords and pistols, poisonings, trials all the way up to the Consejo Supremo de Castilla, pirate attacks, forces weddings, prostitution, …) and on the people of this hidden history.

This route, in an atmospheric nightly setting, passes through the Calle O’Daly, Blas Simón, Plaza de España, Plaza Vandale, Garachico, Avenida Marítima, Baltasar Martín, San Francisco, Plaza de la Alameda and the Castillete.

Apart from the fabled exception, all of the described events of this route are well-documented in different written sources, ranging from municipal documents to judicial dossiers, ordinances, press releases and chronicles. This expands even more its historical-social value.

This route is really conceived for all types of audience and tells about the history of crime in Santa Cruz de La Palma from the 16th to 19th century.


Approximate duration: 3 hours


Departure point: Post Office of Santa Cruz (Plazoleta del Muelle)


Distance: 1,5 kilometres


Arrival point: Real Castillo de Santa Catalina, Calle Castillete




This entire route takes place in the city and, apart from some little differences in height (Garachico and Baltasar Martín), should not form any problems. It is appropriate for people with reduced mobility.