The Crest of the Transvulcania


On the basis of the recreational area of the Refugio del Pilar (El Paso) we will start our route, which forms part of the route of the marathon, the Ultramarathon of our TRANSVULCANIA. In it you can enjoy, first-hand, through which runs a part of the route of one of the most important mountain races of the planet, among the refreshment of the recreational area of the Refugio de El Pilar, from where depart, to the parking of the Pico de La Nieve, place of completion of our tour. We will feel the effort of runners, will pass through areas where the participants have to put to the test their strength and will travel more than 20 km of this major sports event, passing through some relevant points of the same, as they are the Refugio del Pilar, La Punta de Los Roques mountain refuge or the provisioning of the peak of snow.

The beginning of this route is the smoother travel part since the first 7 km. present virtually no drop, flowing along the track of the line of the Summit toward the viewpoint/provisioning of the Reventon, place where we can see, if the weather permits, the two sides of the island, both from levante, with the area of Sta. Cruz de La Palma part high las Breñas and the coast of harness, like the West, with the area of the Valle de Aridane and even the route of the volcanoes to the South. From this point, travel ascend to the peak of Corralejo, where the trail continues until reaching the river cutthroat (1.905 m). Now only remains to ascend to the Pico de La Nieve (2,239 meters above sea level) where will end the route after descending by the PR LP 3, approximately 20 minutes to the parking of the Pico de La Nieve.

Approximate duration: 8 hours.

Starting point: Refugio del Pilar (El Paso) (1,456 metres above sea level).

Distance: 21.2 km.

Arrival point: Pico de La Nieve. (Sta. Cruz de La Palma) (2,040 m)


Carry water. Wear a hat, Use sun-block. Wear comfortable footwear. Carry something to eat (dried fruits, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate… because lunch will be along the way). Carry a water-proof jacket and take your mobile phone.

It is a route with very physically demanding due to the distance and altitude where takes place, both children under 16 as people with vertigo.

Do not leave the path, because of the loose terrain.