Take me to the Sea: viewpoints and watchtowers; S/c de La Palma
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The other city, which can be seen from the top, is the objective of this route, which shows those panoramic less known, debtor’s viewpoints, balconies, roofs and natural watchtowers that served strategically as points of convergence with the horizon, with the naval trade and with the sea, the physicist and the espiritual.

Begins in the Plaza de España with a visit to the Bell Tower of the parish church of El Salvador, built in the sixteenth century, while retaining their access inside through a spiral staircase and in whose upper part are distributed the fourth clock (with sample London’s of 1842) and the handbell choir.

Follow up to the Municipal market of supplies, first, Diaz Pimienta Street, from where will explain the characteristics of the casa-laboratorio of Aurelio Carmona and Miguel Brito photography professionals, to visit then the roof of La Recova towards  El Puente Avenue.

Continous the viewpoints of Salazar (from the 17th century) and Carrillo houses , the seat of the Deputy of the Common dated to the late 1920’s, both in the calle O’Daly, and the mirador-azotea of the Casa Rodríguez González (calle Álvarez Abreu), housing at the end of the 19th century made by the brothers Ignacio and José Ana Rodríguez González, dedicated to maritime traffic with America.

Continous the balcony of the Real Cosmological Society (Vandewalle street), the azotea-mirador of the Monteverde House (headquarters of the «Valeriano Fernández Ferraz» Uned associated Centre) the roof of Casa Santos Rodriguez (headquarters of the official College of architects of Canary, demarcation of La Palma), in the  Virgen de la Luz street, the Bell Tower of the Church of Santo Domingo, the chapel of Nuestra Señora de La Luz, and the viewpoint of the Risco de la Luz.

Approximate duration: 3 hours.

Starting point: Plaza de Espana.

Distance: 2 km.

Arrival point: Plaza de La Luz


It presents many interior access stairs and sloping streets. Despite these drawbacks, it is suitable for all ages (except for persons with reduced mobility). Visits to El Salvador and Santo Domingo towers are not recommended to people who have claustrophobia.