Over Almost 400-Year-Old Lava-Flows


This is one of the less-frequented routes on La Palma, forming part of the GR 130, the old “Royal Footpath” which goes round the whole island. The vegetation found along the high part is mainly made up of Canary Pines, bugloss species, Bitumen Trefoil and vineyards, and in the low part spurges and Tree Sorrel abound.


The path begins in Fuencaliente (Los Canarios), and follows the GR 130 as far as the village of Tigalate, progressing in the form of a gentle descent which flattens out towards the end. The route crosses the lava-flow of the Martín Volcano which erupted in 1646, and which will evoke visions of ancestral times.


The path goes over a mixture of different surfaces (asphalt, cement, sand and loose stones), and runs parallel to the main road. Also visible on the horizon, weather permitting, are the neighbouring islands of El Hierro, La Gomera, and Tenerife.


Approximate duration: about 3 hours


Departure point: Fuencaliente (Los Canarios) (720 metres a.s.l.)


Distance: 9.5 kilometres


Arrival point: Tigalate (Villa de Mazo) (720 metres a.s.l.)




Carry water, wear a hat and comfortable footwear, use sun-block, and take some food (dried fruits, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate,…), carry warm clothing, waterproofs, and a mobile phone.