Observatories and Stars (Visit to the Gran Tecan)
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This tour runs along a small stretch of GR-131 “El Bastón” and the PR LP 11/12, run by the summits of the island and along the Caldera de Taburiente National Park.

During the tour will be legends will discuss ethnography and stories of our ancestors, visit the cultual site of Las Lajitas, the Awara astronomical past, as well as one of the most spectacular technological tools of the present, the GRAN TELESCOPIO CANARIAS – GTC, the largest optical telescope in the world. Past and present come together in this singular path.

Approximate duration: 4 hours.


Starting point: Mirador de Los Andenes (Garafia) (2,277 m).


Distance: 2 km.


Point of arrival: Roque de los Muchachos (Garafia) (2,426 m).



  • The Gran Telescopio de Canarias access is not allowed for children under 12 years.
  • For the safety of the hiker and for the correct development of the route, it is recommended to carry the following items: drinking water, Cap or similar, comfortable shoes, Sun protector, something to eat (dried fruits, fruit, snacks, chocolate,…), rather coat (due to the means whereby we are going to walk, it is possible to do cold or even that you drizzle) and mobile phone.
  • Do not leave the trail due to the fragility of the land.