Los Llanos de Aridane, A museum on the Street
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The City Museum. Forum of contemporary art (CEMFAC) of the Llanos de Aridane is a permanent exhibition of contemporary painting in the streets of the city centre; over the roofs of traditional architecture, on the walls of buildings raised in that environment during development of the 1960s and 70s, hang pictures of up to 140 square meters that are integrated with the buildings from the 16th to the 19th and early 20th centuries, aesthetically enriching this set.

At a time in which contemporary art keeps still, an elitist character and almost exclusive understanding for initiates, with modes of expression that not always to achieve effective communication with a broad spectrum of society, the CEMFAC manages to bring art closer to the citizen and offer a cultural attraction to the population and visitors.

Based on these criteria the Town Hall of Los Llanos creates and manages, since 1999, this museum which has the uniqueness of being one of the first proposals to remove the picture from its traditional space of el “cubo blanco”.

The treatment of these original works of large-format, from the media to the final result, the difference of mural painting; free building, they are hanging on their walls by means of a structure of metal anchored to the floors of the building and water-proof panels, pigments, varnishes and other acrylic materials that meet the same condition and guarantee their conservation are used in the elaboration of each of them.

The initial collection of the city in the Museum consists of 25 pieces, which have been installed fifteen pieces, works of Fernando Bellver, Andrés Rábago (the broken), Garcia Alvarez, Hugo Pitti, Francisco Rossique, Javier de Juan, Javier Mariscal, Ceesepe, Luis Mayo, Albert Oehlen, Pedro González, Jorge Fin and Gonzalo González. This cultural programme of public art gives rise to other urban interventions inside also of this singular Museum, the CEMFAC, initiated with the installation of a sculpture-fountain of Fernando Bellver, Guanche head who looks at the Sun.

Approximate duration: 02:30 hours.

Starting point: Plaza de España.

Distance: 2 km.

Arrival point: Plaza de España.


To course the route through the Centre of the municipality, it is suitable for all audiences even for people with reduced mobility.