Landscapes of El Tablado


This route crosses green mountains to the village of Tablao in Garafía, situated in between two of the most important barrancos of the island, the Barranco de Los Hombres and the Barranco de Facunco. The village is called Tablao because the roofs of the houses in this place are made of wood. The buildings most likely date back to the 19th century. In this picturesque place we can enjoy the spectacular landscape that surrounds us, with hundred year’s old royal roads and scenery almost untouched by human intervention.


Approximate duration: 2,5 hours


Departure point: Roque del Faro (Garafía) (1000m)


Distance: 5 kilometres


Arrival point: El Tablao (Garafía) (340m)




  • For the security of the participant and the good course of the route, it is recommended to bring following items: drinkable water, headwear, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, something to eat (dry fruits, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate, …), something of warm clothing (the weather might get cold and/or wet) and a mobile phone.

Do not leave the track, the terrain can be unstable.