Landscapes of El Tablado
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Route that goes through Midlands and monteverde to the settlement of the Tablao, Garafía, located between two major ravines of the island, the barranco de Los Hombres and Facundo. The Tablao district, is called because in this place were wooden-roofed houses. These houses are possibly 19th century, where we can verify that the landscape in which we move is spectacular, with well-preserved ancient Royal roads and a rural landscape almost unchanged by human action.

Approximate duration: 2.5 hours.

Starting point: Roque de el Faro (Garafia) (1000 m).

Distance: 5 km.

Arrival point: El Tablao (Garafia) (340 m).




  • For the safety of the hiker and for the correct development of the route, it is recommended to carry the following items: water, Cap or similar, comfortable footwear, solar shield, something to eat (nuts, fruit, snacks, chocolate,…), something coat (because by the means whereby we are going to walk, it is possible to do cold or even that you drizzle), clothes of beach and mobile phone.
  • Do not leave the trail due to the fragility of the land.