Caldera del Agua Route: The North and its Cheese
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This route runs through shady evergreen woods, the general tonic throughout its length, crossing ravine beds formed by headward erosion, with their sheer drops or cauldrons, and passing through attractive rural landscapes dotted with centenarian Dragon trees, rock carvings, ancient springs, and prehispanic caves.

Hikers will learn about the manufacturing process of La Palma Cheese at the “Quesería Dionisio Lorenzo, Luna de Awara” cooperative in San Antonio del Monte, Garafía.


Approximate duration: about 5 hours


Departure point: La Zarza Archaeological Park (Garafía) (960 metres a.s.l.)


Distance: 9 kilometres


Arrival point: Quesos GASAM Cooperative (Garafía) (910 metres a.s.l.)




Carry water (springs passed along the way are not drinkable)

Wear a hat and comfortable footwear. Carry some food (dried fruits, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate…). Carry warm clothing (it can get cold in the area) and a waterproof jacket. Take your mobile phone.