Lovers of natures have a new appointment between Thursday 12th and Sunday 15th of October with the ninth edition of the Festival Internacional de Senderismo y Montaña La Palma 2017, with routes that start and finish in Santa Cruz de La Palma. Additionally this will also be the place where all the different leisure-activities will take place.


Apart from being a sport, hiking is a great way to come close to nature and to learn something through patrimonial and ethnographic elements. In La Palma, this is part of the history, identity and collective patrimony.


As a result we have at our disposal a resource of unmeasurable value, which the Cabildo of La Palma has cherished and cultivated through cleaning up, upgrading and theming the routes and old communication tracks at an insular level.


Our island, with its impressive landscapes, its sky and its extensive network of routes, is a privileged place to carry out outside activities in sport and leisure all year round. Activities this festival wants to promote. The astounding diversity of landscapes and natural richness shape the incredible beauty of La Palma and are its seductive power.


The themed routes and local produce are the main focus in this ninth edition of the Festival de Senderismo. We try to let the local population and visitors of the island come close to the patrimonial and ethnographic resources, always from a standpoint of appreciation of local patrimony and a contribution to the insular sustainability.


The main goal of the Festival Internacional de Senderismo y Montaña 2017 is promoting the island as “La Palma, Island of Hikers”, a project we have been doing since more than a decade and in which the Festival will be another handy tool. By maintaining and improving the routes, making use of patrimonial and local ethnographic elements and by making use of the numerous existing informative resources, we try to show the participant a global image which is close to the reality of the island of La Palma.