Lovers of nature have a new appoinment from Friday 1 July to Sunday 10 July  with the eighth edition of the International Festival of hiking and mountain La Palma 2016.

In this new event concept, not it opts for fixation of a square of the hiker, but for the location of each of the 3 modes in 3 areas of the island, giving each of them a “Mini Plaza of the hiker” in which, besides being the point of departure and arrival of the routes is the place in which the different leisure activities will be developed.

Three tourist areas of the island, as well as the mode chosen for each one of them is:

  • Hotel H10 Taburiente Playa, Los Cancajos → Regular mode hiker
  • Hotel Sol La Palma, Puerto Naos, Los Llanos de Aridane. → Advanced hiker mode
  • Hotel La Palma Teneguía Princess, Fuencaliente.→Family mode

It was designed a programme of routes adapted to the needs and physical demands of each mode and distributed during the 10 days of the event.

In addition to extensive theming of the routes, all routes have transportation, insurance and official guide in Spanish and English. The transport part of the tourist areas, offering accommodation for each mode of participation and they return to the same place.

On the one hand, the first weekend will be held 3 days that offer the 3 flagship routes of the island of La Palma, with which the visitor can enter geographic landmarks of the island. This first weekend it caters to all types of audiences and any form of the Festival.

Then, from Monday to Sunday will be carried out the routes and leisure activities programs designed for each mode:

  • Monday will be a day devoted to urban routes on which theming will be the architectural and artistic heritage existing in the island. These routes will be offered both during the day and at night.
  • Tuesday will be a day of own routes by the natural environment, in which the participants of each mode can choose between 3 different routes.
  • Wednesday will be the day of open doors of museums and interpretation centres and thematic centres of the island, making it easier for participants to transport and entry to them.
  • Again on Thursday will be a day of routes, where again, participants can choose between other 3 routes themed organization puts at your disposal.
  • The last 3 days, will be developed with the format that we were using in previous years in terms of temporality is concerned, since during the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, will be held a more intense program of routes within the 3 modes of participation.

For all of the above we have designed for the 2016 Edition an event aimed at different audiences, with a programme of routes and specific leisure activities, as well as an expansion in the days of celebration that allows both a greater enjoyment of the activities and contact with the island, to decongest the celebration of the 3 days of a weekend as it was in previous editions.

It will be held during the first weekend of the event (Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3) a format of generic event in which 3 emblematic and interpretative routes of island reality will be carried out on a daily basis:

  • Nacientes de Marcos y Cordero Route
  • Vulcanos Route
  • Caldera de Taburiente National Park Route

The purpose of it is bid at a weekend those hiking trails that define 3 geographically representative of the island environments, on the one hand the North of ancient creation, with evolved soils that have kept prehistoric remnants of Laurel as well as water Nacientes. On the other hand, the area south, volcanic young land with scarce 40 years of age and finally, La Caldera de Taburiente National Park, geological formation that presides over the island.

After overcoming the first weekend, be held 1 week of activities that will alternate the celebration of routes with visits to museums and interpretation centres, as well as routes of historical and artistic heritage in a program complemented the activities of leisure and recreation aimed at the different modalidaes, these being :

Family Mode: For families with children from 5 years, that will meet the island through the implementation of different routes completely designed for the enjoyment and understanding of the environment. The recreational section will also have a program to the reality of this modality.

Regular Mode Hiker: For occasional walkers who value wishing to visit the island through routes themed of difficulty and average duration, as well as enjoy all the complementary activities program designed in the vicinity of your accommodation.

Advanced Hikers Mode: For regular hikers who have adequate physical shape to cope with routes that save very hilly, routes lasting more than a day, routes that run along paths of difficult access, etc. This type of walkers will also feature a programme of events and activities.

On this occasion, we will give a jump to urban routes of interpretation of the rich artistic and architectural heritage existing in the island, taking advantage of the alternate days in which it is necessary a more relaxed rhythm and physical rest, i.e., Monday, Wednesday and second Friday.

Fair actions as well as entertainment and music activities will be developed around the tourist locations of the different modes, conducting a program of events specific to each of them.

Themed dinners, gastronomic tastings, exhibition and sale of handicrafts and typical products, musical performances and attractions for children, are some of the activities that will take place on the 3 squares of the hiker to be located, one in each of the tourist areas related to each of the modalities of the Festival.

The main purpose of the International Festival of hiking and mountain 2016 is to promote the island as “La Palma, island of walkers”, maximum insular promotion comes carried out for more than one decade and that the this Festival comes to be one more tool. In addition to maintaining and improving the high level of theming of routes taking advantage of local heritage and ethnographic elements, as well as all the resources of interpretation existed on the island, in order to foster the participant a global vision close to the reality of the island of La Palma.