Exalted Laurisilva


This route starts at the forest track at the side of the road to the Visitors Centre of Los Tiles (460m) on the PR LP 6, which allows us to come close to the laurisilva of Los Tiles. This ancient forest that was found in the Mediterranean Basin during the Tertiary Period, is a most peculiar ecosystem which has the most biodiversity in plant life on the whole of La Palma.

During this route we will see huge ferns, very humid zones like the Fajana de Los Tilos, the birdsong of the chaffinch, the laurel pigeon or the Bolle’s laurel pigeon and the laurisilva in all its splendour, where the children will discover de mysteries of this strange forest. The track passes the highest point of the tour, the Mirador del Espigón Altrasado, where you can delight into the wonderful laurisilva forest at the heart of the Biosphere Reserved, declared by UNESCO since 1982. To conclude this activity we will have to go down to the road by the same track.


Approximate duration: 2 hours


Departure point:  Visitor’s Centre of Los Tiles (San Andrés y Sauces) (460m)


Distance: 2 kilometres


Arrival point: Visitor’s Centre of Los Tiles (San Andrés y Sauces) (460m)




  • The characteristics of this route make it perfect to enjoy it with the whole family
  • For the security of the participant and the good course of the route, it is recommended to bring following items: drinkable water, headwear, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, something to eat (dry fruits, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate, …), something of warm clothing (the weather might get cold and/or wet) and a mobile phone.

Do not leave the track, the terrain can be unstable.