Exalted Laurisilva
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This trail is themed for the enjoyment of the children together with their families, begins in the forest track which is next to the road that leads to Los Tiles (460 m) visitors center PR LP 6, which allows us to bring us closer to the laurel forest of Los Tiles. This ancient forest that populated the Mediterranean basin in the tertiary era, constitutes the most peculiar and ecosystem of greatest biodiversity in the vegetation of the island of La Palma, occupying the oldest and best developed island soils.

Along the way we will see huge ferns, the wettest areas of this forest of los Tilos Fajana, singing a chaffinch, a pigeon or a dove turque and the Laurel in all its splendor, where will you approach the children to discover the mysteries of this beloved forest. The trail reaches the highest part of the tour, the viewpoint of the Espigón Atravesado, where you can enjoy the lush Laurissilva forest, in the heart of the reserve of the biosphere, so declared by UNESCO since 1982. To complete this activity, we will have to go back down the same path to the main road.

Approximate duration: 2 hours.

Starting point: Center for visitors of the Tiles (San Andrés y Sauces) (460 m).

Distance: 2 km.

Arrival point: Center for visitors of the Tiles (San Andrés y Sauces) (460 m).



Due to the characteristics of this path, this is recommended for the enjoyment of the children accompanied by their relatives.

For the safety of the hiker and for the correct development of the route, it is recommended to carry the following items: water, Cap or similar, comfortable footwear, solar shield, something to eat (nuts, fruit, snacks, chocolate,…), something coat (because by the means whereby we are going to walk, it is possible to do cold or even that you drizzle), clothes of beach and mobile phone.

Do not leave the trail due to the fragility of the land.