To the Capital of the North


This route takes us from an area well-known for its prehispanic settlements, to what was for centuries the capital and driving-force behind the island’s economy, Santo Domingo de Garafía. Through its port, linking it by sea with different parts of the island, a large part of La Palma’s agricultural produce circulated, together with heavy tools and machinery, etc. The first lorry to reach Garafía also arrived by sea.


The route begins at La Zarza and La Zarcita (1,000 metres a.s.l.) and takes us to San Antonio del Monte, with a visit to the Island Government’s experimental farm beforehand. It then continues along a path dotted with ancient hamlets, with the view of Santo Domingo always on the horizon, through an area formerly of considerable importance for its farming and livestock, ending with a final section leading past threshing floors, Dragon trees and old houses.


This route, which follows the PR LP 9, is practically a descent the whole way, first following a forest track, continuing along a path, and ending on a well-preserved and integrated cobblestone surface leading directly to the town square.


Approximate duration: about 3 hours


Departure point: La Zarza and La Zarcita (1,000 metres a.s.l.)


Distance: 14.5 kilometres


Arrival point: Santo Domingo de Garafía (360 metres a.s.l.)




This is a comfortable walk without difficulties. It’s a good idea to carry some food and water, wear comfortable footwear, and pack warm clothes and sun-block, depending on the weather during the previous days. In San Antonio del Monte fresh water is available close to the path. This is a route to be taken at a relaxed pace, and to enjoy as a reencounter with the times when this path was usually busy with local inhabitants, going about their work and plying their goods.