Bellido Mills


This is a very important route for the people of La Palma given that the first part of the course towards the Real Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Las Nieves coincides with the route of the Bajada de La Virgen, a religious procession done by thousands of people from all the corners of the island. In the last part of the route we will enjoy the Mills of Bellido, part of a great tradition of Santa Cruz de La Palma. These mills consist of four buildings situated at different heights with the goal of grinding the grains to flower by using the power of water to producing hydraulic energy. This is how the precious gofio was obtained to combat hunger during the Spanish Civil War.

We will also pass the Barranco Juan Mayor which was declared a Space of Scientific Interest and where a small patch of thermophile forest survives, of which a lot of species are threatened and protected. Therefore this is a route of great cultural and natural patrimonial heritage.


Approximate duration: 2,5 hours


Departure point: Plaza del Senderista (Santa Cruz de La Palma) (10m)


Distance: 7 kilometres


Arrival point:  Barriada de El Pilar (Santa Cruz de La Palma) (100m)




  • For the security of the participant and the good course of the route, it is recommended to bring following items: drinkable water, headwear, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, something to eat (dry fruits, fruit, sandwiches, chocolate, …), something of warm clothing (the weather might get cold and/or wet) and a mobile phone.

Do not leave the track, the terrain can be unstable.